Woman Crashed Rolls-Royce Into $3 Million Statue

Mar 10, 2024 2 min read
Woman Crashed Rolls-Royce Into $3 Million Statue

That’s an expensive accident!

In what you might describe as the height of first world problems, a 66-year-old woman accidentally hit a $3,000,000 statue with her Rolls-Royce before coming to a stop on the nearby beach. Topping it all off, this took place in Palm Beach, so technically Florida Woman has struck against modern art.

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The statue in question is a 2017 piece created by British artist Damien Hirst. Called simply Sphinx, it is an Egyptian-style sphinx with barnacles, coral, and other debris attached in an attempt to make it look like something recovered from a fictional shipwreck. It’s weird, kind of tacky, and in a way representative of what’s wrong with art these days.

Reportedly, the Rolls-Royce drove up the Palm Beach mansion’s driveway, then onto the grass where it hit the statue, continuing through the yard, going through a landscape fence, then into a seawall, finally coming to rest on the beach.

A photo of the Rolls-Royce, supplied by Palm Beach police, shows all four wheels are off the ground. We wonder if the car would’ve kept going had the tires still had traction. A local news report indicates the driver didn’t remember several hours before the crash, but she didn’t appear intoxicated to police officers. After the incident she was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

We don’t think hitting the statue, which shockingly is valued at $3 million for some reason, with a hyper-luxury car is the answer. Obviously this was an accident, but we think some people would’ve applauded had this been intentional. We’re not advocating such behavior but instead just observing how many feel about modern art.

Not surprisingly, even though the statue looks to have been knocked from its pedestal, the Rolls-Royce showed little damage in the photos. They sure make those cars tough.

Source: Palm Beach Daily News

Images via Palm Beach police

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