Secret Classic Car Graveyard Hidden In The Woods

May 5, 2022 2 min read
Secret Classic Car Graveyard Hidden In The Woods

Would you rescue some of these cars?

Yet again, we have an example of valuable classic cars just discarded in a wooded area. There are many reasons someone would do such a thing and many more why they would just keep the vehicles sitting out there for years or even decades. We also know this sort of thing is super controversial, even among enthusiasts. Whatever your feelings, you have to admit seeing these sorts of finds is interesting, even if it makes you feel sad or frustrated.

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The hidden car graveyard is located in the woods somewhere in North America. The YouTube channel which documented it, Past Life Explorer, has been adamant about not disclosing the secret location. The intent is to keep people from raiding these abandoned cars or tromping all over the landscape, altering what some consider almost an archeological find. Maybe that seems extreme and seeing all these classics just rotting in the woods is painful, which we completely understand.

Considering these vehicles have all been sitting out in the elements, completely exposed for years or maybe even decades, it’s surprising they aren’t in worse condition. Some have body damage, but that could have been there before they were parked. Since we don’t know where this is, there’s no telling just what kind of weather they’ve been subjected to. They’re not in the desert, so we’ll guess at minimum these classics have sat in many rainstorms, at minimum. Mold and moss growing inside the cars the guy opens up are confirmation they’ve been subjected to plenty of moisture.

Most if not all of these cars could be restored. We don’t know why they haven’t been or if they ever will be, but we’ve seen worse examples brought back to life. There are dozens and dozens of these scattered around the land. Check out the video and tell us which rides you think would be worth restoring.

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