Corvette Crash Kills Mother Of Four

Mar 23, 2023 1 min read
Corvette Crash Kills Mother Of Four

Reckless speeding takes another life.

Nobody likes hearing about the suffering of others, but if people are out there pushing the limits of their cars and speeding then it’s something that has to be talked about. It’s understandable, as an enthusiast, to want to go fast but there has been a recent story that shows us exactly why high-performance driving should be kept on the track. This comes after a woman, and the mother of four suffered a fatal crash involving a speeding Corvette, an incredibly sad story to say the least.

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At around 3:46 am, police received word of an incredibly harmful automobile accident in the Balboa area. When they arrived, they found two people within the Corvette and one woman in what was left of her car. As far as the mothers’ condition goes, she was pronounced dead at the scene but the Corvette driver survived long enough to make it to the hospital. Once there, the driver of the Corvette also passed away with their passenger being admitted in critical condition. So what was the cause of this fatal accident?

First of all, it’s suspected that the Corvette ran a nearby red light, disrupting the flow of traffic. On top of that, the ‘Vette was speeding heavily down the road making for quite a violent collision. As far as the other details go, it’s not 100% clear what else might’ve happened. Perhaps the Corvette lost control and overcorrected, maybe neither drivers were paying attention, or maybe she had pulled out in front of the car not realizing how close it was or how fast it was going. Either way, it could’ve been prevented by the Corvette driver having his fun on the track and respecting the rules of the road, something many enthusiasts ignore far too often.

Source: USTimesPost

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