Classic Cars Can Be Driven On A Track

Dec 10, 2022 1 min read
Classic Cars Can Be Driven On A Track

They’re often far more durable than most believe…

Many people look at pre-war classic cars and automatically assume they’re delicate items, almost as if they’re made of crystal. While it’s wise to be cautious with these valuable machines, the reality is they were made to be driven over rough roads and in all kinds of unfavorable conditions. This is clearly demonstrated when people responsibly take their pre-war classics to the track and show off what they can do.

An included video shows a number of pre-war vehicles whipping through turns on the Nurburgring. You can hear the engines roar and the tires squeal as drivers put these classics through their paces. Even though they’re pushing the envelope, it’s obvious all the drivers understand the limits of their vehicle and don’t push beyond that, resulting in zero accidents.

Of course, things are bound to fail when you push them hard enough. In one instance, a car’s fuel tank is spilling gasoline out the rear corner. Fortunately, one of the track’s vehicles spots the danger and starts following closely behind.

You’ll also not the drivers are constantly checking blind spots by looking over their shoulders as they go into turns. They all give each other plenty of space instead of chancing possible collisions. This is a smart way to enjoy the full performance capabilities of your classic without the experience ending in disaster.

Events like these also give everyone who attends a taste of what races must have been like a century ago. The raw, visceral nature of these cars stands in stark contrast to modern vehicles. For the younger people in attendance, these events provide a bridge to the past, allowing them to better appreciate how people lived and how they recreated so long ago.

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