Chevy Nova Takes A Dodge Challenger Beatdown

Feb 26, 2024 1 min read
Chevy Nova Takes A Dodge Challenger Beatdown

It's Mopar vs Chevy time.

For as long as there have been cars in America there have been rivalries between competing automotive companies. Whether it's GM vs Ford, Ford vs Mopar, or GM vs Mopar we Americans love the thrill of competition. That is the American way, as a great man once said “if you ain't first, you're last”. Today's subject focuses on the latter example of American rivalries. More specifically Dodge vs Chevy, this friendly competition between some of Mopar and Chevy’s best has largely subsided in the modern era due to the Chevy Performance lineup being reduced to just two cars. However, in the past Chevrolet once produced some of America’s greatest muscle cars.

Dodge was, of course, no slouch with haymakers such as the Challenger and Charger R/Ts. So it was only natural that enthusiasts jumped on the opportunity to see these wild cars take down the competition. Chevy wasn't going down without a fight and began producing some of America’s most iconic high-performance muscle cars. Cars like the Chevy Nova and Chevelle were beating the competition left and right. This, of course, made the Mopar boys a little red in the face and Dodge soon clapped back just as Dodge always does.

This brings us to today's race between a race-ready 1969 Chevrolet Nova and one mean-sounding Challenger R/T. Under the hood of the Nova sits a gigantic 396ci V8 engine which is producing somewhere in the ballpark of 375 horsepower which was more than enough to push this 3,538lbs best down the track at a blisteringly fast 12.88 seconds. However, it wasn't nearly enough to beat our friend in the Challenger as he sped down the track with the assistance of a 440ci 6-pack V8. This led the Challenger R/T to reach the quarter-mile mark in just 11.69 seconds. The race had an obvious winner and after all, was said in done it looks like the Mopar still took the crown.

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