Chevy Apache Is A Massively Powerful Patina Pickup Truck

Aug 10, 2022 2 min read
Chevy Apache Is A Massively Powerful Patina Pickup Truck

This custom ride is a classic built to catch attention.

On the outside, you might not see a reason to spend too much time looking at this rusty old pickup truck because of its thick patina. However, history shows us that you should never underestimate the one who seems to be the least threatening in any given moment. This particular vehicle is a great example of that idea put into practice as it shows off some incredible performance capabilities. Being a Chevy, we assume you can probably guess what sort of engine is under the hood but you’d be surprised by the power this vehicle is pushing out of the drivetrain.

Under the hood you’ll find a V8 engine which puts out more than enough power to drop the jaws of nearly any enthusiast lucky enough to lay eyes on the vehicle. As many might have guessed this pickup truck is running a member of the LS family named the LQ9. Boasting 6.0-liters and a bunch of modifications, this engine is a monster on  the road and track capable of putting out around 490 horsepower. This is an impressive figure for pretty much any vehicle but it's even better when you consider how incredibly light this particular one is. Unlike some of the other automobiles which come across the AutotopiaLA spotlight, this vehicle is not only about performance.

Rather, the story of this truck is far more fascinating on its own than simple horsepower and torque figures could ever be. The paradise campfire was an event that shocked many people and tore apart people’s lives as fast as it did through the thick brush of California. You might have noticed by now that the exterior looks a little more than just rusted through, and you’d be right. In reality, this truck was nearly burned to the ground under a tarp during this fire but was eventually purchased after all was said and done by the current owner who made a work of art with it. We call this a sort of disasterpiece, a name mainly associated with the Iowa Slipknot album, as the builder took something that most would consider tragic and revived it just enough to tell its story. Whatever you call it, this is an amazing truck and this owner is proud of it, a sentiment which we share fully.

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