Canadian BMW Gunfight Is Frightening

Oct 27, 2022 2 min read
Canadian BMW Gunfight Is Frightening

Just what in the maple leaf is going on?

In yet another example of Canadian Thanksgiving violence, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Alberta issued a warning to the public after a police officer got into a gunfight with some people in a BMW. That’s right, there’s something about Canadians getting together, feasting on poutine with cranberry sauce drizzled over it, and seeing family members they’re not normally around.

The gunfight broke out on October 10 at the conclusion of the holiday weekend. An officer saw the Bimmer was displaying a stolen license plate as the vehicle traveled down Highway 16 in the Edmonton area. Initiating a stop, the officer ordered the occupants to get out of the car and that’s when all hell broke loose.

Instead of being compliant citizens and the kind of people we’re constantly told all Canadians are, without exception, the suspects pulled out at least one gun and fired on the cop. In response, the officer returned fire and it was a genuine Canadian shootout.

We don’t know what kind of BMW the suspects were driving, just that it was newer. The local reports just state that, not even specifying it if was a sedan, coupe, or crossover (sorry, BMW, SAV). Police did say it was displaying Alberta license plate BKG3370, because that can’t be changed easily enough.

Thankfully, the officer wasn’t injured in the shootout. We’re not sure if any of the suspects were because they got away. So, if you live in Canada, be on the lookout for a newer BMW, any newer BMW, because it could be dangerous. Maybe the occupants have a gun or maybe they just won’t signal while cutting you off, but stay on your toes.

Also, we’ve recently learned just how dangerous Canadian Thanksgiving weekend truly can be and we’re shocked. We feel like Ryan Reynolds needs to issue a public apology. Plus, does anyone know if he drives a newer BMW?

Images via BMW, IMDB

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