Callaway Gives Customers A Track Experience

Jan 4, 2022 2 min read
Callaway Gives Customers A Track Experience

Buy a Callaway, learn to drive better…

There’s a growing trend among automakers to offer some sort of track experience package with the purchase of a performance model. Now, Callaway is leading the way for aftermarket tuners to do the same. Joining up with Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, Callaway will offer a track delivery option to its customers.

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This service will be extended to customers who buy a new Callaway Corvette or Callaway Camaro. When the customer takes delivery at TSMP, Callaway staff and track personnel will present a “comprehensive introduction” to the car. In other words, you should know all the controls and how to perform basic maintenance, among other things.

Callaway staff will walk the customer through all the features and performance capabilities of the vehicle. Then it’s time for the track staff to show you what the Corvette or Camaro can do on the track. While it’s not explicitly stated in the official release about this new partnership, we imagine there will be some instruction about how to drive better on a closed course, something the automaker track experiences usually include.

From there, a Callaway factory engineer goes over the modifications on the car and shows how to get the most out of them. We’re not entirely clear what the entails, but knowing your vehicle frontward and backward is always a good thing. Not knowing how your ride has been modified could result in all kinds of future problems, too.

During the track delivery experiences, attendees get full access to the Thompson Speedway paddock area, so that adds to the fun, unique nature of picking up your car at the track. What’s more, you get to eat lunch with the Callaway team, so if you’re a motorsports fan that’s a big plus.

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