C8 Corvette Carjacker Shot Dead In Houston

May 20, 2022 2 min read
C8 Corvette Carjacker Shot Dead In Houston

Stealing cars comes with consequences…

The car theft crime wave continues, only it’s becoming increasingly common for criminals to just carjack people instead of boosting their rides when they’re parked. At about 4 am on May 18 a robbery suspect picked the wrong guy to carjack. The owner of a C8 Corvette felt his life was in danger, so he pulled out a gun and shot the suspect several times. That person then jumped on a car which was driving away, but fell off it and died in the parking lot.

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That vehicle the suspect jumped onto wasn’t driven by anyone connected to him in any way. In other words, out of sheer desperation to get away from his victim as the tables were turned on him, the suspected robber flung himself onto a random car.

As for the cause of the suspect’s death, police say it was “via gunshot wounds” not that he fell off the car and was injured fatally. Thankfully, the C8 Corvette owner had the training and presence of mind to get several shots on target, or else there’s no telling what might have been his fate.

Police are still investigating the crime scene, but it sounds like witnesses are telling stories which match the victim’s account. Some heard the suspect yell at the C8 Corvette owner to give him his car. In other words, it appears this was a carjacking and robbery where the suspect had the tables turned on him.

This is a good reminder to always stay aware of your surroundings as you’re getting out of your car and as you’re approaching it/getting inside. Criminals often use those transitionary spaces to attack, figuring you’re not as on guard and therefore an easier target. Being ready to deal with a sudden threat is the key, which appears to be exactly what happened in this case.

Source: ABC 13 Houston

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