C8 Corvette Owner Gets Called Out For Cheating

Aug 31, 2023 2 min read
C8 Corvette Owner Gets Called Out For Cheating

Is this justified?

People in California have been spotting a C8 Corvette with messages spray painted on it seemingly indicating the owner cheated on his wife. Instead of the wife apparently vandalizing the mid-engine American sports car, the graffiti appears to have been done by the girlfriend or tryst or floozy or whatever you want to call her. People have been sharing images and video of the C8 Corvette on social media, which has sparked a lot of laughter, debate, and some anger.

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Whenever people see a dream car of theirs that has been vandalized, it can lead to some rather potent emotional expressions. Perhaps that’s what drove a girlfriend who didn’t realize her man had a wife to take a can of spray paint to his beloved ride. Some gearheads feel she went too far and that the beautiful Corvette should’ve been left out of the lovers’ quarrel.

Down one side of the C8 Corvette is written “U got a wife? LMAO” while the other side reads “UR wife called me.” We can’t publish what the back says, but you can see it in the images. While spelling and such isn’t this person’s forte, we will say they definitely got the message across.

Some social media users have been wondering why the owner of this C8 Corvette, which has heavily tinted windows so nobody can see who’s inside, would drive the car around in this state. Perhaps he only has one vehicle and no money to get the spray paint removed?

There’s a possibility this whole thing is a hoax meant to get people talking. Why someone would do that is a mystery, but if that was the point it seems to be working. However, this could be a real lovers’ spat. What do you think?

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