C7 Z06 Corvette Blows Up Racing An S197 Turbo Mustang

Mar 14, 2022 2 min read
C7 Z06 Corvette Blows Up Racing An S197 Turbo Mustang

That’s not going to buff out…

We can argue all day long about whether or not a turbocharged S197 Mustang can hold its own against a modified C7 Z06 Corvette. The Blue Oval guys will say the fifth-generation pony car is grossly underrated and takes mods incredibly well. Meanwhile, the bowtie crowd will laugh in small block V8 at the idea such a thing could hold a candle to America’s sports car. However, when your Z06 blows up during a race, all of this really doesn’t matter.

See how a C8 Corvette did its best impression of a bowling ball here.

According to the person who uploaded this video, the C7 Z06 Corvette has been modified with a cam, ported heads, and a supercharger. We don’t have specs, but we do know he was running the car on E85 and had a 200 shot of nitrous. In other words, it was an aggressive setup. But we don’t know what the S197 Mustang was running, just that it was turbocharged.

The YouTuber goes on to explain about the C7 Z06 “the way the tune was set up, the car would shift automatically in manual mode only until 5th gear. When it went to the 6th it hit the rev limiter and the nitrous was still spraying.” That’s when all hell broke loose, the engine blew, and the Chevy caught fire.

Now, this was a street race. We don’t know where it took place, but we’re pretty sure it was illegal and dangerous. Maybe it was on the Autobahn, but that’s almost definitely not true. We’re not endorsing street racing at all: it’s a dangerous, selfish, and stupid thing to do. But boy do we love seeing someone blow up their car while trying to show off.

Check out the video for yourself. The incident is short and the rest of the video consists of other street races where drivers have wrecked out. It really does illustrate how dangerous drag racing on public roads is, but we know there are still some people who think it’s cool or better than going to a track. There are a couple of drag strip incidents thrown in there, too, before anyone thinks racing on a track means there are no dangers, just that you won’t kill a whole family coming back from visiting grandma.

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