C4 Corvette Body Hacked Off Into A Vette Cart

Jan 7, 2023 2 min read
C4 Corvette Body Hacked Off Into A Vette Cart

After ripping off the damage, there wasn’t much left.

The fourth-generation Corvette is often overlooked in popular car culture for many reasons surrounding its build quality and other questionable traits. Without much power, exemplary handling, or stylish looks, this generation of 'Vette is garbage when talking about stock performance cars. However, that doesn't mean that you can't do something cool with them and we admire and applaud those who take on the mission of making one fast. In fact, one of car culture's most prominent icons has taken on the challenge of dominating time attack and road racing with their very own C4. So how did their Corvette fare after some hefty work?

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First, let's talk about the many performance attributes this Corvette holds, such as the engine transmission and chassis. The engine is currently a truck motor from the early '90s that utilizes eight cylinders and some modifications to make plenty of power for the tiny car. Initially, the car wasn't hefty anyway, but the team decided to strip it down to its bare chassis and slap on a full roll cage for safety. This brought the weight down to around 2100 lbs, far from the original +3000 lbs, which held the underpowered sports car down. So we know that this combination of high power and low weight means that the 'Vette can go fast in a straight line, but how does it handle?

When the Roadkill team purchased the vehicle, it had water damage like crazy, making it perfect for an in-depth build. However, the thing that made this car really attractive was the manual transmission, which makes it incredibly fun to drive and pretty fast. When all was said and done, the car looked pretty fun on the sand dunes; its actual performance wasn't outstanding, it was pretty easy to flip over, and the track times were decent but not as you might expect. Overall, this build is pretty incredible, but it is still a C4 and, as such, performs like one. All jokes aside, every part of this car was either original or ripped out of a junkyard which makes its performance pretty crazy when you consider how cheap it was to build.

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