Bugatti And BMW Clash In China

Aug 18, 2023 2 min read
Bugatti And BMW Clash In China

This is road rage at its finest…

We’ve been told by people who’ve lived in China that traffic there is no joke. And we’ve seen all kinds of videos which reinforce that notion. Given that fact, combined with the Chinese demonstrating quite the appetite for foreign performance cars, we’re just not surprised to see this road rage incident involving drivers in a Bugatti and BMW.

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Our kneejerk reaction is to question why the guy in the Bugatti even chanced crashing his hypercar. After all, they aren’t exactly cheap, common, or easily repaired. Usually, people who drive such vehicles might be a little aggressive, but unless they’re 17 and borrowing daddy’s keys, they realize getting into it with someone in a much cheaper ride is just plain stupid.

On the other hand, we’re particularly careful whenever driving near any supercars or hypercars. After all, if you get in an accident with one and you’re found at fault, we’re pretty sure your insurance company can legally flog you across town after selling off all your possessions. Or at least something like that – we’re not lawyers.

As near as we can tell from the admittedly short video clip, this looks like two overinflated egos playing chicken with each other and neither one flinched. We only see the large gouge in the side of the Bugatti, but surely the BMW at minimum has some paint damage, if not a few dents. Sure, those wouldn’t be nearly as severe or expensive to repair, but both drivers lost out here.

We would love to see what led up to this exchange, if anything. Were these two jockeying for position previously? Did one brake check the other? It seems like at this point they’re both behaving irrationally, so something had to get them in that state of mind.

Check it out for yourself.

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