BMW Drives Right Over Toyota Corolla

Mar 19, 2024 2 min read
BMW Drives Right Over Toyota Corolla

Or maybe he was trying out lane splitting?

In a video posted to Instagram, a black BMW sedan is seen driving right over the top of a white Toyota Corolla as the two travel down a freeway. We know this sounds absolutely insane and impossible, and if we’re being honest if the video didn’t exist we wouldn’t believe the story, but there’s solid evidence of the incident.

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The dashcam video is taken by a driver who’s in the left lane on an eight-lane freeway (four lanes for both directions). There’s a Toyota Prius in the next lane over and next to it is a Corolla. A BMW comes up at a much faster speed in the same lane as the Prius, suddenly transitioning to the lane where the Corolla is driving.

That’s a problem as the BMW driver seems to not see the stark white car. We’ve not sure how that’s even possible, but the much heavier German sedan crunches the Toyota’s back fender, then drives up the side and over the hood with both passenger-side wheels. Not only is it amazing one sedan drove right over another, but also that neither car flipped.

In the ensuing chaos, the Corolla veers to the left and hits the Prius after the Bimmer glanced off the hybrid. While those two cars come to a rest rather suddenly, the BMW spins 180 degrees and keeps traveling in reverse toward the center divider.

It’s worth pointing out the BMW driver didn’t signal while making the sudden lane change. Not that signaling would’ve avoided the crash, but it is worth noting the sad stereotype holds up in this incident.

We’ve had it explained to us by some European enthusiasts that BMW drivers are their equivalent of Mustang drivers. That’s probably not an entirely fair comparison since we’ve seen plenty of bonehead maneuvers done by Challenger and Camaro drivers as well. However, it does seem there are certain people with Bimmers who think they literally own the road, so they should be able to do whatever they want.

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