Arizona Neighbors Celebrate Octogenarian’s Birthday In Style

Feb 24, 2023 2 min read
Arizona Neighbors Celebrate Octogenarian’s Birthday In Style

They threw him a nice parade…

Turning 80 is a big deal, so it’s understandable why Merry Grace wanted to help her dad Leslie celebrate it properly. Because the man, who is battling Alzheimer’s, is a huge gearhead, she asked the people of Maricopa, Arizona wanted to help make the day memorable. They did by showing up in force for a car parade as the octogenarian enjoyed the sights.

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Even though Leslie struggles to remember things, the man can still rattle off all kinds of facts about classic cars he sees when out and about. We know quite a few enthusiasts feel like they’re that way as well, perhaps because our brains spend so much time thinking about cool rides and not the other stuff.

On Leslie’s birthday nobody was quite sure what to expect. Thankfully, the community turned out in force with people bringing their classic and modern cool rides to show off, from Mustangs to Challengers, hotrods, lowriders, motorcycles, and more. According to Merry, over 100 vehicles cruised by to pay her father respects for his 80th birthday.

The gesture made Leslie feel appreciated, something Merry seemed to enjoy. Leslie’s wife died several years ago from Alzheimer’s, so the man has been stricken with grief and is now struggling with the very thing which took her away.

Not only did people cruise by to show off their rides, two people took the 80-year-old for rides, giving the man a real thrill. We see these sorts of good gestures being done in communities all over, helping to prove car enthusiasts for the most part truly care about others.

Too often, gearheads are portrayed as overly materialistic and selfish as if the only thing we care about are our cars. While we certainly love our rides, many of us would put family, friends, and others before any machine. What’s even sweeter is when we can use our cars to put a smile on the face of someone else.

Source and images: AZ Family

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