Abandoned Factory Hides Over 40 Classic Cars

Apr 22, 2022 2 min read
Abandoned Factory Hides Over 40 Classic Cars

There are some wild rides, including completely custom builds…

When you’re a celebrity like Richard Rawlings, you’re privy to information and events the rest of us could only dream about. That includes seeing car collections which have been hidden away for a long time. As you already know, in this Gas Monkey adventure the man is checking out a collection of 40-plus cars holed up in an abandoned factory in Montgomery, Alabama.

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This collection is full of Lincolns, Mercuries, and Fords. In other words, if you’re a Blue Oval fan, this will be pretty exciting. However, there are some GM products as they dig deeper, like a ’59 Cadillac limousine once used by the governor of Alabama and a first-year Oldsmobile Toronado. There are also some old Dodge trucks. For good measure, there are also a couple of Audis and some train cars as well as engines. The man who owns the collection comes from an old railroad family, explaining why all the trains.

One of the most interesting vehicles in the collection is a motor home of sorts designed by the guy’s father in 1962. He thought of the idea after taking his family in a station wagon to Yellowstone National Park and back. It was made out of a Ford Econoline with a custom-build body. The styling is very much of the era, giving people sort of an Airstream vibe.

Before he stops at the abandoned factory, Rawlins first does some shopping in Louisiana. For some reason he buys a bunch of Mardi Gras beads. He makes some other stops, like getting dinner at a music club and grabbing breakfast at a Waffle House. If you want to just start with the cars, skip to about 12:50.

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