Abandoned Chevy Impala SS Is Returning To Earth

May 26, 2022 2 min read
Abandoned Chevy Impala SS Is Returning To Earth

This classic Impala is a far-cry from its glory days.

Chevrolet has been the manufacturer of many icons from the 1960s, such as the Impala, Chevelle, and Camaro. These vehicles have been heralded as innovators of their time and a welcome call back to the days when simplicity was appreciated. Cars like the Impala were particularly loved as they were some of the fastest luxury cars. You may be thinking of the models made from 1965 onward, but today’s focus is one built just before everyone’s favorite generation. It has also been sitting in its place for multiple decades, leading to some calling it the “Titanic of classic cars.”

This 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS would have been one of the most incredible options available in the early 1960s. Under the hood of this dying idol was a massive 409 cubic inch V8 engine which utilized its big-block displacement to produce 425 horsepower in 1964. This is an absolutely ridiculous number as it trumps even the fastest ‘Vettes and GTOs from the time. When comparing the GTO and Impala from the same year, it seems almost ridiculous to claim the GTO as the truer muscle car. The Impala offered more unique styling and better performance at similar price points. As impressive as this car is, there is still one unfortunate reality plaguing the luxury muscle car we all know and love today.

You should notice all of the dust and debris surrounding the body of this wild muscle car which has accumulated over years of sitting. Under the hood, you’ll find nothing but rat’s nests and cobwebs as the motor was ripped out, likely in favor of another car. The car came with a four-speed manual transmission that perfectly complements the V8 engine. Again, this mechanical component is clearly missing from the vehicle and is probably wherever the powerplant is. Despite the absence of a machine, transmission, and everything that makes the car an SS, the car is still up for sale. While we certainly hope nobody gets ripped off, it will be nice to see this car go through restoration and get back on the road soon.

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