MLB Pitcher Trevor Bauer's 2016 McLaren 650S Totaled At TX Dealer

By Jeffrey N. Ross Nov 30, 2019
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By Jeffrey N. Ross Nov 30, 2019
A runaway semi truck tire apparently caused enough damage to total the McLaren.

We've all heard the horror stories about cars being abused or damaged while in for service at the dealership, but Trevor Bauer's mishap is totally different. The 2016 McLaren 650S belonging to the 28-year-old Cincinnati Reds pitcher was parked safely inside the North Houston McLaren dealership when a runaway tire separated from a passing semi truck, crashed though the double-pane window and landed on top of his supercar on Tuesday. Miraculously, nobody was injured in this incident.

Bauer, who goes by Bauer Outage on Twitter, posted a picture of the scene on his Twitter account with a caption that says: "Yesterday, if you told me a semi truck would total my Mclaren, I would’ve believed you. If you told me it would happen like THIS? I would’ve said you’re out of your mind. If this isn’t @Mayhem I don’t know what is @Allstate."

MLB Pitcher Trevor Bauer's 2016 McLaren 650S Totaled At TX Dealer
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The dealership is located off Interstate 45 in north Houston (just west of George Bush Intercontinental Airport), and it's being reported that the rogue tire had separated from a tractor trailer driving along the interstate before rolling across six lanes and making contact with the dealership. Judging by the amount of impact shown on the building, there could have been far worse damage to the car had it made a direct hit, and there's no doubt someone would have been severely injured or even killed if this tire had struck a person.

It is amazing that the car was reportedly totaled given what appears to be minimal damage. When new, the 2016 McLaren 650S Coupe was priced around $300,000, but you can easily pick up a pre-owned 650S for under $200,000 today. Fortunately, Bauer's car was fully insured, and we're sure the dealership is helping out for any additional inconvenience.

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