This ridiculous build started as little more than a simple sound system install and now is one of the coolest restomod ever built.

Restomods are all the rage these days because of their incredible style provided by a classic donor vehicle or shell, which combines with a modern muscle car's massive performance and power. The Chevy Camaro has been a prominent player in restoring and modifying vintage automobiles because of its iconic design and Chevy name. Of course, this means that the following of these cars is separated into two categories, the all original fans and the fire breathing restomoders. This car seems to have been built by the ladder of those two options as it sports a modern Chevrolet powerhouse with no limitations on the new capabilities of its revitalized powertrain and other features.

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Under the hood is a massive 6.0-liter LS2 V8 engine that should make horsepower figures somewhere around +400 horsepower. That means that this ultra-lightweight vehicle has no problem getting to 60 mph in ridiculous times with both grace and brutality. That power is transferred through an efficient manual transmission, making driving this powerful beast a ton of fast-paced fun. This 1968 Chevrolet Camaro is a fantastic automobile that keeps pushing the limits of what a dedicated team of builders can do with a car.

The funny thing about this car is that, while it ended up being a ridiculously in-depth resto-mod project car, it all started with a simple sound system upgrade. That eventually evolved into an entirely custom cut-out in the trunk with LED light and all kinds of crazy stuff. So now here we are with a completely customized vehicle with a handcrafted revitalized interior, unlike anything you've ever seen in a classic car, incredible performance, and some awesome exterior modifications. It is genuinely insane what a few guys with lots of time and effort can do to a completely stock vehicle, turning it into a resplendent monstrous muscle car.

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