1967 Chevy Nova Stolen From Vietnam Veteran

Nov 29, 2022 1 min read
1967 Chevy Nova Stolen From Vietnam Veteran

This car guy had to face many of our biggest fears…

Veterans are some of the most highly respected members of our society for many good reasons. They fight in wars that, Regardless of the outcome or intention of the higher up leadership, we’re fought by brave men with nothing but the best interest of their loved ones in the country on their minds. However this Vietnam War veteran was treated in one of the worst ways imaginable for his trouble, he got his dream car stolen.

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The automobile in question is a white 1967 Chevrolet Nova, a real collectors car in the automotive industry. Without a doubt, it was a valuable car but vehicles like this usually mean a lot more to the driver than could ever be expressed by a blank check. It was taken from the owners property, and a patch of land spanning about three acres which everyone in town referred to as the farm. It seems the area might have been just a bit too well known.

It’s actually really unclear at this point as to how the thieves managed to pull off such an elaborate heist. The Nova was apparently built to be a pretty fast car, or at least the sound that way. So the owners definitely would’ve heard had the thieves driven off with it, this leads the family to think they trailer did away. Needless to say the car‘s owner and his family are pretty devastated by this whole event and it’s a sad sight for car people everywhere. Hopefully, the Nova will be recovered someday and the man behind the wheel will have his justice.

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