1964 Pontiac Catalina Turns Up In Abandoned Forest Grave

Mar 9, 2022 2 min read
1964 Pontiac Catalina Turns Up In Abandoned Forest Grave

After decades of sitting under roots and vines this car is ready to make another appearance on the road.

Classic Pontiac luxury cars are some of the world's most astonishing vehicles as they were, in their time, considered to be an excellent bridge between the Chevrolet and Oakland brands. They had just enough luxury to compete with the bustling luxury market in America with a price tag that almost anyone could afford. These days the cars are scarce, to say the least, as they have become far less popular than the ever-so-iconic Camaro, Firebird, or Buick models. So most of these vehicles were left to rot away in rusty graves of scrap metal and spent tires. This makes the process of acquiring one of these old classics a tumultuous one indeed. However, if you're willing to fix and restore the cars, you will find thousands of them in various fields, barns, and forgotten warehouses.

See an abandoned F100 cranking up for the first time in decades here.

This car is a pretty great example of what you'll find if you go looking for an abandoned Pontiac, as it is essentially a worst-case scenario find. But, of course, the vehicle itself is not wrong as it appears to be a Pontiac Catalina from 1964. Undoubtedly, this classic car focused on luxury and comfort in its time, but now it's hard to see anything more than a system of vines and roots growing up from the steel body structure. Even when the two men running this rescue operation tried to just pull it out of the spot with a winch, the car just pulled the truck back towards it.

Under the hood is a big mess of what used to be a pristine Pontiac V8(probably from what we can see on the video) but is now a locked-up old motor that may be destined for the junkyard. However, this entire car seems to be in various states of disarray because of years of sitting in the middle of a forest. God only knows what sort of snake and rodents have been living in the car, but it's clear that the men who pulled it from the grave genuinely care about the vehicle. We're sure that the Catalina will see the light of day once more shortly and with some new wheels, a fixed-up body, and a running V8 at its helm.

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