1964 Oldsmobile Jetstar Shows It’s Midsize Engineering

Mar 3, 2023 1 min read
1964 Oldsmobile Jetstar Shows It’s Midsize Engineering

Safety was certainly not this car’s best quality.

Over the years GM has established themselves as a very prominent brand within the automotive industry. That has a lot to do with their impact on car culture in general, having been responsible for some of the coolest muscle cars to ever exist. However, there is another thing that most people know GM pretty well for and it isn’t exactly the best thing to have on your reputation. That is, seemingly obviously, their ability to cram the lowest quality products into the coolest cars they can to create what looks like a cheap sports car on paper but in actuality turns into a death trap.

Take it from a GM enthusiast, the interior quality is not exactly up to par with other brands, at least it wasn’t in the ‘90s. One vehicle that showed this off pretty well, albeit applied to a different decade, who is the 1964 jet star 88. This Oldsmobile was a full-size car and could be described as one of the better looking muscle cars of it today. The problem lies with the fact that GM didn’t build it like a full-size car.

In fact, despite its large body and heavy frame, it used a bunch of parts from the midsize a body platform. This includes the engine, transmission, and brakes. That last part is sort of important because full-size cars are a lot heavier than midsize cars and sometimes have a problem with being able to stop themselves quickly enough. On top of that, it had its own engine made and for some reason wasn’t able to use the 394 cubic-inch V8 that all the other Oldsmobile full-size muscle cars were given. Overall, it’s a very interesting car and it’s no wonder we don’t see very many driving around.

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