1951 Chevy Styleline Deluxe Shows Its Patina After Wash

Nov 3, 2022 2 min read
1951 Chevy Styleline Deluxe Shows Its Patina After Wash

It’s been a while since this vintage Chevy car has been washed.

We all love classic cars that can still run and drive even after multiple decades of living life to the fullest extent. However, even as car enthusiasts, there comes a point where most people end up calling it quits on a specific vehicle because it’s simply too old. However, this particular team of enthusiasts decided there was no limit of what they were capable of. As for this 1951 Chevy, it’s likely there’s a lot more in store for this outgoing vintage automobile. So what all went into making this car nearly as beautiful as the day that it rolled off the factory floor?

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First of all, getting it out of the place it has been sitting in for the better part of its over 80 year life span is a must. The Styleline Deluxe was already a pretty highly sought after model but this particular one has a special quality only truly appreciated by real car people. It’s called patina, essentially when a car shows its age in a vintage and personal way. The only negative about this vehicle is probably the fact it hasn’t been wash in god only knows how many years. Even for someone who likes the rustic look, dirt like that can be unsettling.

So the guy got to work pressure washing, a quintessential step in the restoration process. Quickly, dirt began to pour from the old body of this beaten up old work horse. However, the work did not stop there, how could it for such an aged automobile. On top of all that, the chrome trim had to be given special care so as to preserve a nice even shine. When the job was done, this car cleaned in the sunlight like a crisp new ride sporting a lovely patina and a new outlook on life.

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