1000-HP Dodge Durango Beats C8 Corvette Into The Ground

Jul 28, 2021 2 min read
1000-HP Dodge Durango Beats C8 Corvette Into The Ground

Someone get the Corvette some aloe.

The name Corvette rings true as one of the most instantly recognizable vehicles in the car community. Having debuted back in 1953, the Vette has risen to the top spot in the hierarchical structure of GM. While that is all well and good, those brilliant minds that once put GM at the forefront of racing technology have since moved on(to a better place). This leaves the Corvette in a position of constant awareness. Nowadays competitors are on the rise to take the viscous Vette off of its podium of automotive perfection. It would appear that the front runner for this decimation of the GM pretty boy is the ever-famous Mopar.

While many like to focus on the Challenger and Charger brands, with good reason. There has recently been quite a lot of attention set on another masterpiece of Dodge, the Durango. Nowadays the Hellcat name is no longer restricted to the sport/muscle/pony car lineup, it now extends to the Durango as well and people love it. However, there is always more that can be done to make a great car even greater. This is where Hennesy comes into play. After a long history in making incredibly quick cars out of already iconic automobiles, it was time they dug their hands into a Mopar. This is the origin story of this incredible 1000-horsepower Hellcat Durango. It's time for this Durango to knock the C8 Vette down a notch with a wicked drag race that guarantees a “shock and awe” response.x

The first run was riveting, the deal was that neither car would use launch control and they would compare the performance like that. When the checkered flag dropped it was go time for the Durango using every single one of the 1000 horsepower it had been gifted. This by comparison made the Corvette look like nothing more than a Sunday driver. After putting a few car lengths on the Corvette it was decided to let the Vette use its launch control. This changed nothing. It's cool to see a big, heavy, SUV, beat a sleek, low, sports car and it appears that this newfound performance is not going away any time soon.

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