You Can’t Pass Up This Knight Rider 2000 Boat Car

Jul 13, 2019 2 min read
You Can’t Pass Up This Knight Rider 2000 Boat Car

Now’s your chance to own a part of movie magic.

Golden opportunities only present themselves so often in life, and the ability to buy this Knight Rider 2000 Boat Car is one of them. First of all, how often are you going to be facing the decision of buying a boat car of any kind, let alone one that’s a movie start? Plus, when you consider David Hasselhoff himself sat in this car to film one of the most iconic car movies ever made.

You Can’t Pass Up This Knight Rider 2000 Boat Car

As you might already be able to tell, this boat car was made using an F-body. That’s appropriately, considering the original KITT was a Pontiac Trans Am. Exterior bodywork has been done, bringing the nose to more of a point like a boat. A slot on the car’s nose is where that iconic red light chases back and forth, just like with the original KITT 2000 in the Knight Rider television series.

The rear tapers off upward gradually and has been extended out, also mimicking boats. A prop hangs down from the rear, making it clear that this F-body has indeed been outfitting for traveling on water. The rear wing with center support adds to the sleek and sport look of the vehicle, which was necessary for all that movie magic to come together. It’s difficult to tell the exact state of the red paint on the body from the photos, but there doesn’t appear to be any major damage to it or the body panels, including corrosion.

If you’ve ever seen movie cars, you know some aren’t used for shots of the interior, and this obviously is one. Inside is pretty sparse and definitely not pretty, but it’s a floating car with a prop on the rear, so that makes up for the lack on interior glitz.

The Knight Rider TV series helped rekindle interest in American muscle cars, plus the show set numerous records for car stunts. Thanks to a strong fan base, several movies based on the series have been released, including Knight Rider 2000 in 1991. You can thank the Orlando Auto Museum for offering this unique and memorable movie boat car for sale to the public.

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