Video: Elizabeth Taylor’s Classic 1956 Continental Mark II

Jun 26, 2019 2 min read
Video: Elizabeth Taylor’s Classic 1956 Continental Mark II

This beauty wows crowds everywhere.

This video clip gives an up-close look and the historical backstory on Elizabeth Taylor’s 1956 Continental Mark II. Uploaded by a channel called theAFICIONAUTO, the 14-minute episode features an interview with classic car collector Robert Ratinoff. The stunning and elegant two-door classic was a gift to the star from the Warner Bros. studio.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Continental was specially finished in a custom paint that matched Taylor’s eyes. The two-tone interior included the same exterior violet-blue hue over white. While most Mark II’s were painted standard colors like white, black, or burgundy, Taylor’s really stands out and deservingly so. What’s more, the license plates even have the name “Lizzie” on them.


This beautiful Continental Mark II had been fully restored in 1975. It is now owned by Robert and Nancy Ratinoff of Sherman Oaks, California. Robert Ratinoff is the owner of Classic Auto Rental Services, a company that rents cars out to the motion picture industry. His claim to fame is that he specializes in vehicles that “no one else can get.” Elizabeth Taylor’s 1956 Continental Mark II is undoubtedly Robert’s most prestigious car.

When he purchased the car, he did not know that it was the famous actress’s car. He came across the model in the Lincoln Owners’ Club and the striking color is what initially grabbed his attention. Robert and his wife fell in love with the unusual hue and called the owner to find out more about the car. That’s when Robert found out that it was specially ordered for Elizabeth Taylor herself – a tribute to her famous violet-blue eyes.

Although it can be said that this is a "Lincoln Continental," but Continentals were actually their own branch and were built to be luxury cars. Many people have deemed the Continental to be the 'American Rolls Royce.' It was given to several stars throughout the years, including Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and Rita Hayworth, among others. Even with the Continentals being sold as a standalone brand during that time, the car shares a lot of its underpinnings with some contemporary Lincolns.


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