This lightweight Lucra LC470 can out-drag nearly anything

Jan 9, 2019 1 min read
Lucra LC470

A throwback to old muscle and lightweight specials, this roadster is fast and a great driver

The age of the lightweight sports car is quite probably behind us now, what with ever more complex mechanicals and the increasing use of electronics. That hasn’t stopped some small scale manufacturers, with Lucra providing one of the most potent, and lucrative, of the modern day lightweights.

Built in 2014, the LC470 roadster has a five-speed manual gearbox and a LS7 7.0-litre V8 petrol engine, producing 520bhp. These kinds of numbers are far beyond anything that old Lotuses and TVRs are capable of. To achieve a light kerb weight, the car has an all carbon fibre body, split into three layers, and a laser-cut chassis, which also means it has a low centre of gravity. You can find one now on Motorious, with a sale price of $89,900 (£70,650, €78,550) or $1020 per month in increments.

The engine has a large torque range, and is built with the driveability of Chevrolet’s old small block engines in mind, meaning this drives with a perfect blend of classic feel and modern performance. Independent front and rear suspension, with aluminium PRO shocks and C4 Corvette links and power rack-and-pinion steering make this a car well capable of taking on any corner at speed.

Some corners you won’t want to be approaching at full throttle, and the LC470 has Wilwood four and six-piston calipers, which squeeze a quartet of slotted rotors to get the car slowed down. Finished in vivid PPG Big League Blue, with a grey leather interior, bucket seats and a carbon fibre dash, this 8947-mile model can even be bought at a cheaper price if you make an offer on Motorious that meets seller RK Motors’ demands.

It may be more expensive than a classic sports car, but it certainly has the performance figures to bury them into the ground.

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