This 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe Suburban SEMA Build Broke The Internet

Apr 22, 2019 3 min read
This 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe Suburban SEMA Build Broke The Internet

A seriously divisive truck that's split fan opinion, the unique Chevy Tahoe Suburban SEMA build is now up for sale

Meet the truck that broke the internet. Originally a small team-based project, fabricated to raise a few eyebrows, this 2015 Chevrolet Suburban instead shot to fame as the forum’s hottest topic. Built as a modern interpretation of the retro two-door Chevy Tahoe, offering a culture clash between new and old, this one-off project attracted no end of sponsorship and enthusiast attention. Now it could be yours!

Offered for sale by Memphis’ Art & Speed Classic Car Gallery for $92,900 (or $1066 per month), the bespoke SUV captures the best of both worlds. Boasting a high-tech modern interior with the nostalgic styling of the GMT400 (Tahoe/GMC Yukon), the truck evolved over time as an original vision by Jeff Phifer.

2015 Sema Build Chevrolet Tahoe Suburban

Butchering an almost new Chevrolet Suburban and shortening the chassis, adding a lift kit and 33-inch tires into the bargain, word of the project was fast to spread. Upon reaching the president of an automotive design company, product sponsors were offered should the truck be entered into the Battle of the Builders at SEMA. As you can see from the pictures, things kinda snowballed.

Once Jeff, David Jayne and the crew of Madison Automotive had finished the unique Tahoe Suburban, the frame sat upon a Cognito ten-inch lift kit, twenty-four-inch wheels, and thirty-seven-inch tires. Power came from the factory-installed 5.3-liter V8 engine, fitted with an SB filter cold air induction kit, Bully Dog programmer, modified (for length) Borla exhaust system, and shortened stock drive shafts.

The exterior remained factory Chevy white (2015 code), with added front window tints and a Trex Billet Grille. The rear bumper was reportedly removed from a current-generation GMT K2UC/G, inkeeping the model lineage and embellishing the Tahoe's heritage.

There is nothing old-fashioned about the interior, however. Besides the factory-fitted steering wheel with controls, power front seats, tan interior, air conditioning, and sound system with touch screen navigation, Jeff shoehorned further decadent luxuries into the cabin.

Adding in a rear back-up camera, cruise control, Bluetooth system, power liftgate and tilting steering column, the third-row bench was then pulled forward to replace the middle ‘captain seats’.

Phifer explained that ‘it attracts waaaaaaay more attention’ than anything else he’s ever worked on – including various bagged trucks with duallies and graphics, and $200k supercars. Not to say that the creation hasn’t gained itself criticism from armchair quarterbacks.

Certain gearheads may have targeted the Tahoe Suburban with comments of abhorrence, but those in the industry recognise the team's efforts with sheer respect. Those on the cutting edge of custom vehicle design have personally extended their compliments and recognition, including The Muscle from Diesel Brothers and Topo: The Widebody King.

2015 Sema Build Chevrolet Tahoe Suburban

Boiled down, this 2015 Tahoe Suburban resides as an act of passion. Concocting the perfect balance of contemporary technology and styling with an age-old mantra, the project was never about money or an overwhelming social media presence. As a skilled professional, Jeff simply wished to craft a tailor-made truck with a difference.

With the truck currently parked off the main drag but still in view, Art & Speed Classic Car Gallery has enjoyed no end of public interest in the 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe Suburban SEMA build. If it’s calling you, then you better act on it, for it won’t hang around for long. Get a closer look here.

Source: Art & Speed Classic Car Gallery
Photos: Krookid Photography

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe Suburban SEMA Build

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