Supercharged ’65 Mustang Is A Faster Horse

Aug 1, 2019 2 min read
Supercharged ’65 Mustang Is A Faster Horse

This Ford has been pushed well beyond its factory setup.

What’s truly compelling about any muscle car is the performance first, then looks. That’s the order of what makes this 1965 Ford Mustang an amazing find. It prioritizes going fast, but doesn’t neglect the importance of looking good when parked. That kind of a balance between show and go is unique.

Supercharged ’65 Mustang Is A Faster Horse

That cowl induction hood hints this is not your average ’65 Mustang. It’s hiding a rebuilt 347ci stroker engine with a twin-screw supercharger strapped on, cramming more air into the cylinders for a greater burn. Hooker headers help with the exhale, while Holley carbs address the other end. As you push this engine, the Procomp soft touch rev control will protect against damage, which is a great relief. Dual electric fans keep this setup cool even at idle.

Completing that perfect setup is a tight chassis. The automatic C4 transmission takes out human error in gear changes, while a new 8-inch traction-lock rear and 3.50 gear ratio help put all that power to good use. New leaf springs and A-arms help with control, along with the power brakes with front discs.

As you can clearly see, the show factor of this ride is amazing. That black paint looks so smooth, people won’t be able to help but stare with their mouth wide open. This Mustang has all the right trim pieces, including the iconic pony and tri bars badge on the front grille.

That fiery red interior really preserves the overall look and feel of a 1965 Ford Mustang, complete with factory switches, gauges, and steering wheel. It really makes this car fun to cruise around, the engine rumbling as you get a retro experience free from modern technologies.

Technically speaking, 1965 was the first production year of the Mustang, but people often refer to the first batch of cars as 1964.5 models since they were made before the official start of the 1965 model year. Whichever way you want to look at it, this is an early version of the iconic muscle car, complete with some fun enhancements to make the experience even more magical. You can purchase this Ford through Art & Speed Classic Car Gallery.

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