This Is The Real Munster Koach

Oct 31, 2019 2 min read
This Is The Real Munster Koach

Time to celebrate Halloween properly.

One of the most iconic TV cars, the Munster Koach, is available for anyone from the public to see in person. While many have claimed to have the real deal and have even offered fakes for sale, this is not just some clever replica. Volo Auto Museum has the famous car on display, plus the museum has a Letter of Authenticity and a Certificate of Authenticity from Barris Kustoms to back up the claim it’s real. This is the actual car the television family used in numerous episodes.

George Barris custom car shop did a lot of work for Hollywood studios. One project his company was hired to complete was a family car for The Munsters, a show which only ran for two seasons but enjoys a cult following today. Despite what you might have heard, there was only one Muster Koach made, and this is it. Just imagine what your friends, neighbors, and family would say if you came rolling up in this ride. You’re going to need your imagination, because the Munster Koach is not for sale. But you can visit the museum and let your imagination go wild.

Barris Kustoms chopped up three Ford Model Ts to fabricate this car, which is possible. Dick and Keith Dean both worked on the project, using a design sketched by Tom Daniel. The amount of work which went into the project was extensive, as you can imagine with all the customized details, quite a few manhours were spent on this build.

For example, the brass radiator and fenders were fabricated by hand. Just the metal scrollwork consumed more than 500 manhours, but the result is memorable, making this one of the most beloved television cars of all time.

That engine you see so prominently displayed is a 289 AC Cobra engine, but it was bored out to an aggressive 425ci. For extra flair, the builders used Jahns high-compression pistons, an Isky camshaft, 10 chromed Carter carburetors, and Bobby Barr race headers. A four-speed manual transmission transmits that power to the rear axle, so you could conceivably really burn some rubber with this wicked car.

Black Pearl over Blood Red is absolutely a perfect combination for a spooky car. Gold drapes and tassels, white spider webs on the windshield and gas lights up front, and so many other details make this car an amazing work of art.

If you want to see the Munster Koach with your own eyes, the Volo Auto Museum is located in Volo, Illinois and is open every day.

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