Limited Production 1987 Monte Carlo Aerocoupe Inspires Racing Nostalgia

Oct 22, 2019 2 min read
Limited Production 1987 Monte Carlo Aerocoupe Inspires Racing Nostalgia

The 1987 Monte Carlo Aerocoupe is a car you're not going to find for sale everyday!

In 1972 the Chevy Monte Carlo caught the eye of the racing series, and by 1973 it was the most predominantly used body style in NASCAR. However the move towards a shorter wheelbase, mandated in 1980 by NASCAR, pushed for a restyling of the car and by 1983 the Monte Carlo was back in the lead with the addition of the SS nose. By 1985, the competition was gaining on the car and it was time for a more aerodynamic race car. The very next year Chevy put forward a legendary rendition of the Super Sport body called the Aerocoupe.

The Aerocoupe featured a more deeply sloped rear window, a shorter trunk lid, and a flatter laying rear spoiler. Only enough Aerocoupes were sold to the public that year to allow homologation. The new body style made such an impression that the following year sales rose by over 5,800 cars for 1987.

Incredible Opportunity Arises To Own A Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe

Although, as Chevy announced its plans for the Lumina to be its official NASCAR body style, the Aerocoupe was cut from production. In total for the two years of production, only 6,252 Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupes were sold to the public making the cars ultra rare and instantly collectable.

For the most part, the more a car changes hands the less and less original it gets. Thus reducing its value a little at a time. Therefore finding a low mileage 1987 Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe that has only had 2 owners that took extremely good care of it, would be an incredibly valuable opportunity.

Streetside Classics is now offering such an opportunity at a very good bargain. Listed at $19,995, this Aerocoupe runs like new and remains just as it was built with the exception of a Flowmaster exhaust and a repaint. Whether you are a collector looking for an investment that will surely yield a decent return or a true Monte Carlo enthusiast this seems like an incredible deal.

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