The Suzuki Super Carry Now Has an Engine to Match Its Name

Jan 17, 2019 2 min read
The Suzuki Super Carry Now Has an Engine to Match Its Name

Every now and then, something truly odd and unique pops up on eBay, like this 1991 Suzuki Super Carry kei van in Northampton, UK

The Suzuki Super Carry Now Has an Engine to Match Its Name

This eBay ad represents one of the best vans for sale that we’ve seen so far this new year. Equipped with a new powertrain and painted to color match the late 2000s Suzuki MotoGP bikes, it could be yours, if you see the beauty within the build.

1991 was the last year of the eighth generation of this long produced van. Originally equipped with a 1.0-litre inline-four engine with a whole 46hp and 52lb ft of torque, a Suzuki Bandit engine has been transplanted into it along with a Yoshimura exhaust.

Although there’s really not much of a difference in displacement between the two engines, the 1255cc four-cylinder unit makes over 50hp more and a resultant increase of over 20lb ft of torque. Total output of the van with the swap adds up to a high-revving 100hp and 59lb ft of torque.

The bike that the engine came from was a GSX1250F and not actually from a Suzuki Bandit. The bike also donated its six-speed sequential transmission, wiring harness, instrument panel and fuel tank.

While it certainly stands out, the van is faced with a few issues. Since it has a motorcycle transmission, there is no reverse gear. A problem for which the owners’ solution is to throw in a ring gear to put around the driveshaft and a reduction starter to turn it. Furthermore, the Escort RS Turbo seats are bolted to the floor and cant be adjusted, but that shouldn’t be a problem if the buyer is roughly the same size as the seller.

Even though it's a bit deficient as far as comfort features go, it is very unique and with over 100% more power than it originally came with, it is surely faster than it was ever intended to be.

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