Petersen Museum Opens First Custom Electric Motorcycle Exhibit

Mar 27, 2019 2 min read
Petersen Museum Opens First Custom Electric Motorcycle Only Exhibit

The Petersen Museum is set to open the first ever all-electric bike exhibit.

Opening in late April of this year, the Petersen Automotive Museum is set to become the very first to host a display completely dedicated to electric motorcycles. This exhibit has been dubbed the “Electric Revolution” and will explore the history and future of the electric bike. In the collection will be 21 examples of builds from custom shops and manufacturers alike.

Petersen Museum Opens First Custom Electric Motorcycle Only Exhibit

“As the transportation industry moves toward electric-powered vehicles, it is our responsibility as a museum to accurately represent this progression with our exhibits,” said Petersen Automotive Museum Executive Director Terry L. Karges. “Because of the growing popularity of e-bikes, we felt it was the right time to debut “Electric Revolution” and show our audience how these ultra-stylish and contemporary designs are pointing the way to the future.”

Since zero-emissions is becoming part of the everyday landscape on the road, its a prominent part of the driving experience that deserves credit where it’s due. This will include custom, prototype, racing, and production electric motorcycles from CAKE, Neil Connolly, Curtiss Motorcycles, Alta Motors, Shiny Hammer, Blatant Moto, Joey Ruiter and more. American industry stalwart Harley-Davidson, who has graciously underwritten this exhibit, will also provide three recent prototypes from their EV program, including the 2020 LiveWire.

“Other key bikes on display will include CAKE’s “Kalk,” Sweden’s innovative, light and stylish off-road e-bike that sold out its first run and has won design awards around the world; Neil Connolly’s “STROM 36,” which was the first-ever electric bike to be featured in the AMD World Championship Custom Show in 2015; and Curtiss Motorcycles’ “Zeus,” which was the company’s debut bike after re-branding in 2018.”

The Motorcycle Arts Foundation (MAF) Co-Founder, Paul d’Orleans, has curated the “Electric Revolution” exhibit, and it will be on display until November of this year at their famous SoCal museum.

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