1 of 397 NSX With Low Miles Is Up For Grabs

May 21, 2019 1 min read
1 of 397 NSX With Low Miles Is Up For Grabs

This 3 liter model comes with the favored manual transmission and is presented in a particularly rare color combination

The Acura NSX is a car we all long to own. Being the first user friendly supercar, it carries a trophy it’s clearly proud to wear whilst keeping the supercar philosophy intact. Cars needn't be a pig to use as a daily if you wanted this kind of sound track, proper wedge looks and a mid-engined setup.

Honda had toyed with the idea of taking the fight to Ferrari and after a particularly eighties looking concept completed in conjunction with Pininfarina they went for it. The NSX name was sought from the terms New Sports Car Unknown World. The X standing for unknown variable from the mathematical symbol

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