Nissan Celebrate 50 Years Of The Z Sports Car

Jul 1, 2019 2 min read
Nissan Celebrate 50 Years Of The Z Sports Car

The iconic Z has been around since 1969!

In the year 1969, a lot of things were happening around the world - moon landings, music festivals, and many notable markers in American pop culture. Also occurring that year was the official unveiling of the Datsun Z at the New York Auto Show.

Datsun was a brand that went straight to racing in its early days to prove its merits as a sports car. The moniker made its rounds on SCCA circuits, putting up a fight, and gaining the respect of automotive enthusiasts.

"The Japanese manufacturers were starting to make inroads, but they were still very minor players. Until the Z came out. When the Z came out, the whole Japanese market exploded," said Greg Smith, owner of Motorsports Industries in Orange, California.

Nissan Celebrate 50 Years Of The Z Sports Car

Fifty years later, Nissan is honoring the legacy of the first Datsun 240Z with an Anniversary Edition 2020 370Z. This car will have a special paint scheme that mimics the Pete Brock BRE race team livery. On the outside and inside, special logos define the special edition as well - the BRE white and red color combo will be a limited run of only 50 models, with a silver and black option being made more available.

With the sports car market getting smaller, especially the Japanese sports compact market, Nissan is staying loyal to the Z line, even through there was a big gap in the late 90s and early 2000s. In current times, the earlier cars of the Z line are highly sought after collectibles.

"Five years ago, you could buy what we'd call a 'rust bucket' for under $1,000. And now, those $1,000 cars are gone. And there have been vehicles that changed hands in the $40,000 to $50,000 range," said Greg Smith of Motorsport Industries.

Source: ABC7 News


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