Museum Collection Of Over 150 Air Cooled VW’s Up For Grabs

May 8, 2019 2 min read
Museum Collection Of Over 150 Air Cooled VW’s Up For Grabs

Known as one of the best collections of VWs worldwide, Volkyland is selling their whole collection right now

An air-cooled VW museum in Puerto Rico is to sell its entire collection, which has taken some 60 years to build. The Caribbean Island's fascinating assortment of Volkswagens, known as Volkyland, was curated by Dr. Norman Gonzalez and lays claim as one of the greatest air-cooled collections anywhere in the world.

The sale has already begun, but don’t let that put you off. There are hundreds of vehicles in Volkyland's inventory, most of which are still available and include some particularly rare specimens that are difficult to source in unblemished condition.

With such a broad range of VW’s up for grabs, there was only one man to assist with the sale – Randy Carlson; the guy who operates classic sales site has offered his wealth of knowledge and experience. Randy's presence is sure to appease any concerns from potential buyers wanting to get involved with this once in a lifetime opportunity.


Vehicles range from typical Beetles spanning the whole breadth of the icon's production life cycle, as well as a selection of Buses, Porsche 914s and even some hotrod conversions. If you fancy a new garden ornament that isn’t a gnome, how about a Beetle on a pole?

Delve further into the collection and some truly awesome custom cars come out of the woodwork, including a Hummer replica that’s aircooled, a new Beetle sat upon a classic chassis, and even a ‘Veep’; a Jeep body sat on an air-cooled chassis. The VW world really is a cool place to be.

Volkyland Museum Collection Sale

The icing on the cake is that Puerto Rico remains a US territory, so new owners won’t struggle to register any of these beguiling vehicles. If shipping is your main concern, Randy will gladly guide you through the process to ensure your new Bug lands at your address safe and sound.

Amongst the collection there are even the odd non-VW related vehicles, including an Austin Mini, a Chevrolet Coupe and even some 30s Chevrolet trucks.

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