Time Capsule Eddie Bauer Bronco Has Just 28,000 Miles

Jun 13, 2019 2 min read
Time Capsule Eddie Bauer Bronco Has Just 28,000 Miles

This top of the line ‘88 Bronco has the mighty 5.8 liter Windsor V8 and a two inch lift kit

With the new Ford Bronco getting ready to land next year, values for the nations favorite SUV have been steadily climbing regardless of generation. Unlike many classic models, the Bronco seems to have won fans with every single generation produced, and this fourth generation Eddie Bauer edition is no different.

Bronco’s are workhorses, whether they’re carrying logs up some ludicrous woodland path or ferrying the family to the airport struggling with L.A traffic. As such, finding low owner vehicles with low mileage is becoming ever mode difficult.

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Unlike this example here, offered by RK Motors. The Eddie Bauer edition was a top-of-the-line model featuring tan coach lines, natural exterior colors (like this Alpine Green one), and tan upholstery with a smattering of burl walnut amid the dashboard.

Featuring the one and only Windsor V8 in its most potent 5.8-liter form, the Eddie Bauer Bronco came fully loaded and was one of the last true American SUVs before the more recent millennial interpretation.

1988 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer Edition

Despite its 31 years on this planet, this Bronco has enjoyed just 28,000 miles thus far on its journey. The surface hasn’t even been touched, let alone scratched. With such low mileage it's difficult to know whether a plinth or a trunk load of adventure gear would be the best bet for its new owner, but we can’t help but want to take this beast on a road trip.

Perhaps that is in part down to the Rough Country lift kit fitted to this example, hiking the ride height a full two inches. That alongside the suggestive Goodrich All Terrain tires and this Bronco is really crying out for some mountain trail. Eddie Bauer trimmed bucket seats will certainly bring solace to wherever you find yourself.

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