Let This BMW i8 Take You Back To The Future

May 3, 2019 2 min read
Let This BMW i8 Take You Back To The Future

The futuristic BMW i8 delivers on sports car handling and concept cars looks, all while achieving great gas mileage

Lots of manufacturers say that their products are the future, but when BMW launched the i8, it actually looked like something from the year 2030. This radical sports car marked the birth of BMW’s electrified ‘i’ sub-brand and sparked the notion that a hybrid car could be about more than just economy. This clean i8 offered by Davis Autosport is a great example of a well looked after performance car.

From the moment you set eyes on this BMW i8 you are captivated. Finished in a pure white, the car presents its futuristic lines that not only look dynamic, but also serve to manipulate the airflow around the car once in motion. The sculptural flanks on the i8 are pure concept car and certainly set it apart from anything else out there.

CFS: 2014 BMW i8

Open the i8’s supercar inspired dihedral doors to reveal a 2+2 cabin that certainly feels exotic. Lower yourself into the carbon fiber chassis and into the sports seats, and you’ll find yourself nestled amongst a series of digital displays in a driving position akin to other high-performance models.

The BMW i8 is all-wheel drive with its front wheels being powered by electricity via an onboard battery, and the rear wheels via a three-cylinder motor positioned midship. This combination delivers plentiful torque and strong acceleration — that three-pot motor actually sounds great when driven in anger. 357hp and 420 lbs/ft of torque will get you from 0-62mph in just 4.4 seconds. All this performance while achieving impressive gas mileage for this caliber of car.


This particular i8 looks to be in excellent condition with 18,550 miles on the clock. It has been garage stored in a climate controlled environment over the past few years, and has recently been treated to a new set of tires. Apparently this car’s previous owner loved this i8 so much, he has just bought the Roadster variant.

Cruise the city in silence using pure electric mode, enjoy those canyon roads with a dynamic drive, and feel smug that your performance car is better for the environment than many people’s family hatchbacks for $73,900.

Source: Davis Autosport

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