Kick Some Ponies With A 1966 Dodge Coronet 426 Hemi

May 13, 2019 2 min read
Kick Some Ponies With A 1966 Dodge Coronet 426 Hemi

This Mopar is both fast and rare.

Sure, your buddy with his Mustang thinks no Mopar can beat his car, but you can take him by surprise with this 1966 Dodge Coronet 426 Hemi. As you can clearly see, this thing packs a legendary Hemi that hits hard. Considering how lightweight the Coronet is, that makes for a potent combination. This ride is not only fast, it’s a part of history, and thanks to Adrenalin Motors you have a chance to own it.

Kick Some Ponies With A 1966 Dodge Coronet 426 Hemi

This ride has the classic Dodge aesthetics everyone loves, like the flat nose, round headlights, slab sides, and sloping rear roofline. The factory red paint job is in good condition, so this Coronet is ready to show off just about anywhere. The rims are factory-painted to match the body panels, plus there are dog dish center hubcaps. BF Goodrich T/A Drag Radial tires wrap around the front wheels, while in the rear are Good Year Eagles.

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While pretty much the whole interior is what came from the factory, there are a few minor tweaks. Aftermarket tach, oil pressure, and water temperature gauges help you reference these important details easily, which is a nice bonus. The factory front bucket seats, vinyl headliner, and red-on-red interior layout are all in good shape, instantly transporting you back to the 1960s.

The 426 ci Hemi V8 with 2x4 barrel carbs is a potent engine. Officially, it produces 425 horsepower. With a curb weight of just over 3,000 pounds, that makes this mid-size car a land rocket. This particular car has numbers-matching engine and a 727 automatic transmission. It also uses the factory drum brakes for a factory-genuine experience. Long tube headers help boost performance, not that this ride needs much help.

Reintroducing the Coronet nameplate to its lineup in 1965, Dodge used the mid-size car to replace the 330 and 440. Only 732 1966 Dodge Coronets with the 426 Hemi rolled off the factory line, making this car both rare and highly sought after, so it’s a tremendous addition to any collection.

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