Enjoy The Simple Utility Of This 1979 American Motors CJ-5

Apr 26, 2019 2 min read
Enjoy The Simple Utility Of This 1979 American Motors CJ-5

They definitely don’t built Jeeps like this one anymore.

There’s something quite satisfying about the simplicity of a purpose-built off-roader, and this 1979 American Motors CJ-5 is exactly that. Instead of being crammed full of complicated electronics and different systems, this is a no-nonsense rig from Greensboro Auto Auction that will get you through all kinds of difficult terrain without any fuss.

Enjoy The Simple Utility Of This 1979 American Motors CJ-5

You get that classic CJ-5 look that will impress the Jeep faithful. This rig proudly wears the original Renegade graphics, instantly transporting you back to the late ‘70s. A new orange paint job ensures the exterior will pass muster, while the roll bars have the proper protective padding so you don’t hurt your head or anything else.

The seats are new and clean up easily along with the rest of the interior, so you can play in the mud and dirt without any worries. Black steel bumpers provide excellent protection against obstacles on trails plus they look great, matching the side mirrors and other exterior trim as well as the interior. There’s a winch mounted to the front bumper, which really comes in handy during a trail recovery, even if you’re helping another vehicle out of a tight spot.

A three-speed manual transmission keeps things simple and provides you with superior control of this CJ-5 on and off the road. The 258ci straight-six engine and four-wheel drive both work great, so you can immediate take this Jeep on an adventure.

The CJ-5 was the first Jeep model American Motors launched after it acquired Kaiser-Jeep in 1970 as a way to capitalize on American’s growing desire to go off-roading. It went through many evolutionary changes, including the 258ci straight-six engine with a two-barrel carburetor becoming the standard engine starting in 1979, before the GM Iron-Duke four-cylinder took over as the standard engine in 1980. That makes this model year more desirable

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