Immaculate Dodge D Series Ram Is Fresh From 1981

Jun 12, 2019 1 min read
Immaculate Dodge D Series Ram Is Fresh From 1981

This Dodge looks almost new! Its previous owners clearly cherished this D Series

We’ve seen quite a few Dodge D Series trucks enter our classifieds of late, no bad thing as these classic pickups are great. Combining desirable classic looks with practicality, these American trucks can be a stylish daily driver. This 1981 example, again in our classifieds, has to be one of the cleanest we’ve seen in a while.

This D Series truck was amongst the first to receive Dodge’s new Ram branding as part of a ‘facelift’ for the then ageing model. Finished in a quaint two-tone combination of cream and brown, this highly classic pickup is in incredible condition.

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Its previous owner had it for just shy of 20 years and cherished it. The Dodge was always kept in a garage, something that’s highlighted by its great condition. From the pictures we can’t see a scratch, dent, or blemish on it — with the only exception being the cargo area.

It’s much the same story in the cabin, where a well maintained space tells the story of this plush Prospector trim level. Wood facias line the instrument binnacle and the doors, complimenting the the caramel colored dashboard and seats. This truck is truly museum-worthy, possessing carpet that look as if they have never been touched. It is incredible to believe that it is nearly 40 years-old!

A neat addition to this V8 truck is the color-matched husky box that’s perfect for locking tools away. The advert suggests that this would make for a great handyman vehicle with its 8ft loading bed and memorable good looks. Also highlighted is its regular servicing throughout its life, and lack of rust.

If you’re looking for a truck that functions as good as it looks, this is for you. Equally, its condition makes it ideal for the odd trip to classic vehicle shows.

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