Motorcar Studio Shares Industry Secrets On Selling Your Car Like A Pro

Oct 14, 2019 3 min read
Motorcar Studio Shares Industry Secrets On Selling Your Car Like A Pro

Why not let the professionals list your next car?

Here at Motorious, we work with some of the best consignment professionals in the world - and yes, we mean world! We recently paid a visit to one of our preferred dealers, Motorcar Studio, to get a little more perspective about the process, and why it benefits the seller AND the buyer when a car is consigned.

“We provide a quality brokerage platform that markets our inventory to a global audience; most of our sales are out of state or overseas, and we are happy to facilitate shipping and financing for qualified buyers,” Motorcar Studio explains.
A Better Way To Sell Your Car: Cosign!

The best way to think of what a consignment professional like Motorcar Studio can do for you is what a realtor does when you’re trying to sell your house. They take care of all the details you’re likely to overlook, and take the stress off you when it comes to handling the buyers. When it comes to an investment like a collectible car, why would even risk trying to sell it on your own.

To iron out the reasons why the alternatives to consigning a car don’t work out, we had a Q&A with the crew, before taking a tour of the facility to see their inventory.

Q: Why should a buyer look outside of sites like Craigslist to list their car?

A: There are so many reasons not to bother with those sites, they’re a waste of time for individual sellers. A majority of the leads you get from Craigslist are people who are just ‘kicking tires’, and then there’s the outright scammers. Even when a legitimate lead comes along, you still end up spending your time answering questions and making arrangements.

A Better Way To Sell Your Car: Cosign!

“We see so many empty descriptions that have poor quality images, and little to be desired - this is not a great way to attract legitimate buyers. To do that, you need to spend the time to come up with a fair price, take the best images possible, and list every detail about the car in the ad.”

Q: What really grabs a buyer’s eye?

A: Staging. When you want to sell a house, the realtors dress it up to make it more attractive to buyers, when you want to sell a car, you do the same. The first impression your prospective buyers get is what lasts with them, and makes them stop to really look at the car.

“When buyers purchase a car sight unseen, which often happens, they know exactly what they’re getting, thanks to how thorough our listings are, and the time we spend on the process, the buyer knows exactly what they’re getting.”

Q: What is ‘staging’ when it comes to selling a car?

A: Since we have buyers from all over the world, imagery is the biggest chance we get to catch their attention. Every car we list has many, professional quality photos to go along with the listing, as well as videos.

Another part of the staging process is making small changes and sorting out small problems going on with a car. Overlooking small issues that can be fixed, can cost the seller thousands in the fair market value price.

Q: What makes this process more attractive to the buyer, so the seller can have more confidence in the process?

A: We work with a worldwide market, so we can reach buyers from virtually anywhere. Not only does this mean our audience is much broader than what a private seller will be able to reach, the buyer is a lot more confident buying from a seller and wiring tens of thousands of dollars to buy a car from half way around the world.

“Exposure and simplicity is what we offer the seller AND the buyer.”

Source: Motorcar Studio

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