Head Turning Restomod 1966 Pontiac GTO With LS3

Jun 26, 2019 2 min read
Head Turning Restomod 1966 Pontiac GTO With LS3

And it’s heading for auction!

The 1966 Pontiac GTO is a car that can swoon even the most critical of auto enthusiasts. It has one of the most recognizable front ends, and a long curvy silhouette that breaks necks when it passes by. It’s not often that you see one that’s been upgraded with a modern powertrain, like this example from Vicari Auction, but when you find one, you know you’re getting the best of both worlds!

Head Turning Restomod 1966 Pontiac GTO With LS3

By the time the 1966 year model of the GTO was designed, the popularity of the moniker was well instilled in the American car scene. Prior GTO cars had only been a trim level at this point, and in 1966, it finally became its own separate model under the Pontiac umbrella. The GM A-body was restyled with more curvaceous lines and a ‘coke-bottle’ look, with a subtly tunneled backend. While the car was bigger in size than the prior Tempest GTO, it managed not to gain any weight.

Introduced on this model were the taller and more slender backseats with countered cushions and adjustable headrests - this was a factory first option. The 1966 GTO’s instrument panel was designed with more integration than before.

Head Turning Restomod 1966 Pontiac GTO With LS3

This particular car’s owner picked up where Pontiac left off with the GTO. While there were different engine options offered, there was nothing like the current LS3 engine that sits in its engine bay now. Untouched, the LS3 is capable of churning out 430-horsepower, and that’s sent into a Tremec five-speed transmission on this Pontiac. From there, the power is funneled into a Currie 9-inch Ford rearend - that’s a serious setup!

To handle the extra power, the GTO got a set of disc brakes at all four corners for safe stopping. It’s also been upgraded with tubular A-frame front end with nylon bushings, traction control arms, and sway bars. Additionally, it has a newly installed A/C, and power steering, so this machine will be a breeze to drive!

We can wait to witness it go up for auction as Motorious will be in the crowd when it’s auctioned off next weekend at the June 28th-29th event in Atlanta.

Head Turning Restomod 1966 Pontiac GTO With LS3


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