Ex-Beatles Mercedes 500 SEL AMG is your ticket to ride

Dec 20, 2018 2 min read
Ex-Beatles Mercedes 500 SEL AMG is your ticket to ride

This mighty Mercedes-Benz 500SEL AMG once belonged to Beatles legend George Harrison. Now heading to auction, it could be yours

If you’re a member of the most famous band of your era, you’re likely going to want something special to drive around in. George Harrison of Beatles fame loved the smell of petrol and his car history further paints him as a true enthusiast.

Ex-Beatles Mercedes 500 SEL AMG is your ticket to ride

From exotic Ferrari Dinos to elegant Jaguar E-types, Harrison had taste when it came to flash motors, but even more so when it came to being a little more incognito. His black-on-black Mercedes-Benz 500 SEL AMG will be up for grabs at an Anglia Car Auctions sale next January.

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For those times when a red Ferrari wasn't appropriate, this still potent — yet more subtle — Mercedes fit the bill for Harrison. It provided all of the comfort and luxury of a contemporary German saloon, while also delivering thundering performance via the talented work of tuner AMG.

This V8 super saloon received additional upgrades at Harrison’s request with items such as lower suspension, subtly aggressive bodywork, those distinctive Penta alloy wheels, and a wired phone.

George clearly loved his AMG as it is one of the few cars he kept for a prolonged period of time — some 18 years. He covered over 30,000 miles in the car before passing it on to fellow musician Ray Cooper, just a year prior to the Beatles legend dying in 2001.

Between 2013 and 2017 the car was stored, but has undergone some restoration work within the past year to the tune of £10,000 ($12,600). Today it has 61,000 miles on its odometer and comes complete with an extensive history file and original service book, not to mention a letter from the DVLA confirming the car’s rock star provenance.

The car actually made a brief cameo in the Beatles music video of 'Real Love', adding to its classic car fame.

According to the lot description, the Mercedes is only for sale due to 'a change of direction of the collection it resides within.' The AMG hits the auction block on 26 January 2019 with an estimate of £50,000 - £70,000 ($63,000 - $88,500). Acquiring an ex-Beatles car with some serious performance under the bonnet would certainly make us want to 'Twist and Shout'.

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