Trash Ferraris In This CAV GT40 In Gulf Livery

Dec 24, 2019 2 min read
Trash Ferraris In This CAV GT40 In Gulf Livery

Live your own Ford v Ferrari fantasies.

Few people have actually seen a Ford GT40 in the flesh, but you could own this CAV GT40 with Gulf livery. Looking like it just drove off the track (albeit a little more clean than that) this reproduction is quite impressive. This is not a kit car, but instead is a faithful reproduction of the motorsports legend. It’s through Central Classic Cars the public has the unique chance to own such a vehicle.

Instead of some rickety reproduction, this GT40 was built in a factory by professionals using top-shelf techniques and materials. For example, the car has a stainless steel monocoque, so you get that genuine race-worthy feel. And since CAV has been making Ford GT40 replicas for some time, it has perfected the process. In fact, the company has said this car contains well in excess of a thousand improvements over earlier reproductions it made. For example, the pedals and seat adjust to fit someone as tall as 6’4”, something you usually don’t get with other reproductions. There’s also air conditioning for better summertime comfort.

Of course, this race replica is fun to take cruising, but if you get it on the track and really open it up you’ll be amazed at the performance it packs. Sitting midship is a potent Roush 427ci V8 with 8-stack fuel injection, plus ceramic-coated “bundle of snakes” exhaust headers. You get to use a slick 6-speed Getrag short-throw manual transmission with a Woven clutch. Strong Wilwood brakes bring this beast to a halt in a hurry. There’s also a rearview camera, which is a nice addition since rearward visibility isn’t great without it.

The exterior of this reproduction is a dead-ringer for the original, right down to the details of the Gulf livery. Owning and driving this car is an excellent way to pay homage to the legendary racers which dominated at Le Mans and more. And since the Ford v Ferrari movie is coming out soon, more people than ever will actually recognize what this car is.

You’re not going to find a Ford GT40 replica with Gulf livery from any other company, because CAV is the only one licensed to make them. In fact, this car is registered with the Gulf Oil Company and is officially endorsed by it.

If you have questions about this car or want to get details about making a purchase, contact Central Classic Cars directly.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the vehicle inventory Central Classic Cars has on its site.

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