Built BMW 1600 Has Straight Six Power Lurking Within

Jun 12, 2019 2 min read
1967 BMW 1600 Restomod Alpina

This is no ordinary 83 horsepower 1600, it actually runs a 323i straight six with over 140

You may recognise this as something resembling BMW’s 2002 Turbo, but you would be wrong. This is in fact a modified 1600, one model up on the original 1500, the platform that eventually led to the first 'M Car' by the Bavarian manufacturer.

Although originality may have been lost, we can’t help but approve of this little weapon. The measly 83 horsepower unit that it left the factory with is long gone, and in its place sits a 2.3-liter straight six from the first 3 series model, one of the 1600’s offspring.

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Finished in a fantastic shade of teal, the black two-tone really makes an eye-catching contrast. Chunky wheel arch extenders are always a win with us too, especially when such gorgeous alloys await underneath them - in this case, some genuine Alpina 13” wheels. The builder has even added some Alpina factory cloth to a set of E30 seats to continue the Alpina vibe.

An E21 323i has given its beating heart for this build, along with a matching E21 five-speed transmission to channel the additional power. Despite any information on power, even as a stock motor, power has increased to 141 horsepower with the creamy straight six, undoubtedly giving the car a huge character shift into a rather playful direction.

1967 BMW 1600 Restomod Alpina

Despite the E21 mechanicals, an E30 ECU manages the setup, making use of the injectors, intake manifold and throttle body out of an E30 325is, so power is likely to be even higher. Crikey.

Continuing with the restomods, a set of 2002 coilovers complete the suspension setup along with some Bilstein sports dampers, leaving you safe in the knowledge that the rust free California chassis can easily handle the power of that mighty straight six.

This little BMW gives off the impression of a useable touring car, like a luxurious homologation almost. The eye is certainly in the detail on this one, with a custom roll cage fitted too.

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