Will You Take Home This Barn Find 1960 Jaguar MK2?

Feb 25, 2019 2 min read
Jaguar Mk2 3.8 kids find

Being the 773rd car to roll off the production line, this desirable 3.8 remains untouched since parked 35 years ago.

The Mk2 Jaguar was a particularly advanced performance car when production began in 1959. Complete with options that back then were pure engineering wizardry, this example is complete with a limited slip differential, all-round disc brakes, power steering and an optional automatic transmission. Throw in 200 horsepower and you have a very capable long distance cruiser with some serious shove.

For most, their memories of Mk2 Jags are as the getaway vehicles of choice by British criminals back in the sixties. With four doors, a big trunk and serious grunt under the bonnet, it’s not difficult to see why. Add in the fact that this particular model was the first four door saloon to incorporate disc brakes at all four corners, and you begin to realise that this is the genesis of all future sports saloons. Without the Mk2, would any of the most coveted modern classics from the last few decades even exist?

Genuine barn find Jaguar Mk2 3.8

The famous XK6 engine nestled under the hood of this example saw its debut in the XK120 at the 1948 London Motor Show. Whilst available in various configurations, the engine in this exquisite barn find enjoyed a staggering six consecutive decades of service in all manner of Jaguar cars, including the XKE E-Type.

The example featured here is in remarkably original condition according to the vendor. With 51,000 alleged miles, the vendor assures us that given the condition of the vehicle, they are inclined to agree with the odometer. Based in Iowa, a gentleman who purchased a large farm property found the Jag in one of the buildings, and got in touch with the Chicago Car Club who immediately recognised the vehicles potential. Having been parked up since 1983, this car is also the 773rd model to roll off the production line making it an even more alluring investment.

With an incredible array of photographs available here one can easily see the quality of panel gaps as well as the immediately recognisable wooden dashboard with door cappings. The veneers of which appear to be almost perfect. For a one-off opportunity to acquire a particularly genuine top of the range Mk2 3.8, click here and live your getaway driver fantasies in unequivocal style and grace.

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