A New Spark Of Life In Classic EVs

Oct 13, 2018 1 min read
A New Spark Of Life In Classic EVs

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Electric-powered vehicles, EVs, are steadily gaining in popularity, and not just in the new car world. Several companies are producing conversions for classic cars, swapping the original engine for an AC motor and state-of-the-art batteries.

The result is an uncanny mix of classic styling and futuristic silent running, with huge and instant torque – and of course zero emissions from the vehicle itself. By far the most famous of these has been Jaguar’s E-type Zero, which found fame in the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan, but most conversions have been based on more utilitarian models, especially aircooled VWs.

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This is as much about the less reverential attitude of VW owners and the numbers of cars available for conversion as the practical considerations of easy engine bay access – but there are plenty of other one-off conversions around, from MGBs to Ferraris.

Most suppliers offer options for electric heater or aircon, electric brake servo and power steering where necessary and LED lights to reduce the drain on the batteries. All but the most expensive conversions link the electric motor to the original gearbox, so a bit of gearchanging is still necessary – though the high torque of an EV means far fewer changes are needed, especially around town. There's an argument that actually a bit of cog-swapping makes for a more 'classic' experience anyway.

So, here are eight of our favorites so far.

Originally posted by by David Lillywhite on AutoClassics.com

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