800-Horsepower 1968 Plymouth GTX Is Big, Bad, And Pink

Jul 1, 2019 3 min read
800-Horsepower 1968 Plymouth GTX Is Big, Bad, And Pink

Looks can be deceiving. Very, very deceiving.

Whoever said that the color pink is not a “macho” color was apparently very, very wrong. This 1968 Plymouth GTX Pro Street muscle car will easily prove them wrong. You won’t even have to start the ignition! This GTX sits tough regardless of its unique pink hue and proves even tougher once you get it on the road. That’s because this bad boy churns out a whopping 800 horsepower via a blown V8 engine. You can get your hands on this stunner through Streetside Classics in Lithia Springs, Georgia for under $40K. A total of 17,914 hardtop GTXs were sold, with just 1,026 of them being convertibles.

At first glance, this 1968 Plymouth GTX convertible looks like something out of a Barbie dollhouse. But once you get past the Panther Pink paint job, you will see a big and bad muscle car with a blower to boot. After all, didn’t your parents teach you not to judge a book by its cover? Anyone who makes fun of this car is just jealous that they don’t have 800 horsepower on tap.

800-Horsepower 1968 Plymouth GTX Is Big, Bad, And Pink

The glossy black hood beautifully contrasts the exterior paint job and helps it stand out even further. What’s more, the bumpers were treated to a nice, shiny layer of chrome. The sheet metal on this car has not been heavily modified; even those giant Mickey Thompsons are stuffed under the stock quarters, so no surgery was required. The doors open and close with ease, and the hood clears that big blower with no problem.

The interior is chock full of race gear, but far from minimalist. The original bench seat was replaced by body-hugging bucket seats with matching pink GTX logos embroidered in them. Although the back seat is gone, that area is fully upholstered and features a neatly fitted roll cage. Other interior goodies include auxiliary instruments under the dash, a TCI shifter, and the original AM/FM radio. The trunk is also upholstered in black carpet and includes the vehicle’s fuel cell and battery box.

800-Horsepower 1968 Plymouth GTX Is Big, Bad, And Pink

Now on to arguably the best part of this car: its heart and soul. This bad boy is powered by a stroked 440 V8 engine, which now displaces 500 cubic-inches, that runs on 93 octane gas. It’s mated to a reworked TorqueFlite three-speed automatic transmission with a 3,100 RPM stall torque converter. A narrowed Ford 9-inch rear was fitted at the rear and stuffed with a set of 5.18 Auburn gears. There are also disc brakes at all four corners for the ultimate stopping ability. Twin 650 Holleys feed the 6-71 blower and look incredible atop the color-matched engine. Long-tube headers and a full custom 3-inch exhaust system with side exits were also installed. All of the hardware was painted to match the bodywork, which makes this GTX a track beast and car show crowd-pleaser all the same.

This Plymouth GTX Pro Street is in excellent condition both inside and out, and that includes the shape of the undercarriage. Not only does it look the part, but this GTX produces high-performance numbers and an incredible soundtrack to boot. No one will doubt the potency and ability of this pink beauty once you start it up. With just 500 miles on the build, this car is still fairly new and ready to be taken to its limits.


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