Surprise Them With A 2008 Factory Five GTM

Jan 28, 2020 2 min read
Surprise Them With A 2008 Factory Five GTM

Even though it’s flashy, the lack of a recognizable badge makes this a fun sleeper.

Let’s be honest: some people just look at the badges on cars. Yes, it’s an ignorant move but it’s far more common than you might even want to admit. And that’s half the fun of owning a car like this 2008 Factory Five GTM. Sure, it has those undeniable supercar looks, thanks to the mid-engine configuration, low and wide stance, plus aerodynamic body panels which will turn heads. It also serves up unbelievable performance. This flagship supercar from The Stables is being auctioned off on Motorious right now, so this is your chance.

Surprise Them With A 2008 Factory Five GTM

What you don’t see under that beautiful blue body is an incredibly rigid spaceframe, which was designed using CAD, providing all the rigidity you need to stick tight turns with grace. A low center of gravity for this car further improves handling performance. This Factory Five also makes use of a C6 Corvette front suspension and C5 rear suspension.

Combine that stellar handling with an LS7 V8 from a Corvette for serious power, and you start to get the idea of why this GTM is like a rocket on wheels. Considering GM came to the same conclusion for the C8, that is locating the engine mid-ship on a low-slung layout, this Factory Five is way ahead of the curve. There’s also a Mendeola five-speed manual to send that 500-plus horsepower to the rear wheels with a fury.

Other components used in the assembly of this GTM are of top-notch quality, so you’re getting an excellent car which won’t suffer failures needlessly. The fuel tanks and radiator come from a Corvette. Baer Brakes and brake lines ensure reliable stopping performance. Vintage Air AC keeps you cool in the summer. A Hi-Torque starter means you only need to try firing it up once.

It’s natural to worry about who built a car, whether it was done by a major automaker or is something you assembled yourself. Two shops, one is Tucson and one in Scottsdale, both with stellar reputations, put this Factory Five GTM together, so you know it was done correctly.

To ask questions about this car, contact The Stables directly. They offer a number of services like car detailing, storage, maintenance, and more. While you’re at it, check out the other cars in stock, or even inquire about consigning a vehicle you currently own.

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